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premier dating


What is Premier Dating?

Welcome to Premier Dating. This is the premier delivery hostess club and the place where Japan's elite love to spend their nights. We will fill your heart with pleasure and Japanese beauties will escort you to the best memories.


Premier Dating is a symbol of Japanese status. We offer a special experience where you can take your favorite Japanese beauties with you wherever you go. TV personalities, models, and top hostesses will gather for you.


Dressed in beautiful dresses, these women treat their guests to the best in conversation and drinks. Their presence will relieve the stresses of everyday life and refresh your spirit.


It is the pinnacle of evening entertainment. The exclusive location and premium service will create a trip to Japan that you will remember for a lifetime.


Try this special experience just once. We promise, this will not be just another night, but a top-notch experience that will fill your heart. A new world awaits you.


Premier dating System

Initial fee system differs for each class

 Gold Class : 199USD 
Platinum Class : 299USD 
Black Class : 499US

The first meeting is a lover's date at a restaurant.
After that you can meet the girl as many times as you want.

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