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Age: 23
Height: 154cm
Occupation: sales department in real estate        
Hobbies: watching drama, going to cafe and restaurants, trying new things       
Favorite food: pizza and pasta  
Favorite place: Shibuya, Omotesando, Ebisu, Roppongi, Hibiya  
How to spend holidays: I meet my friends mostly. If I could get long holiday, I want to go trip to the overseas. 
Other Self-Appeal:
Hello Thank you for watching my bio. I am Haruna. Nice to met you. I was born and raised in Tokyo. 
I have been to the US (HI,CA,FL,NY,NV), Canada, Singapore, and NZ.
I am interested in going to Europe country for now. 
And, I am the type of person who like to hear other culture things and meet new people. 
I am excited to see you and have fun time :)

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