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Age: 29
Height: 154
Occupation: Marketing mamnager (chemical company)       
Hobbies: 5C - Cosplay, Climbing, Clarinet, Cinema, Chatting      
Favorite food: Steak, Sushi, Arrabbiata, Beer
Favorite place: on the yogibo, mountain top, cat cafe    
How to spend holidays: Cosplay shooting or Cosplay preparing, mountain climbing, drinking beer  
Other Self-Appeal: Hello, Welcome to Japan! I'm Suzuka. I've been in Copenhagen for 10 months in my master degree to study Enzymology. Yes, I'm a biologist. I use English for my daily job because my company is based in Germany. My English is far from perfect, but I'm enjoying speaking :)  It is my pleasure if I can help you spend your days in Japan happily! Thanks ;)

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